Editor's Note April 2020

The number of cases of COVID-19 is increasing - not only in Hong Kong but worldwide (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/). The outbreak has resulted in, inter alia, travel restrictions, work-from-home arrangements and other social distancing measures depending on the jurisdiction. In this context, ‘From the Secretariat’ points out how the virus has become a game changer; the ‘President’s Message’ discusses support measures to law firms and legal practitioners to combat the pandemic; and the ‘Practice Management’ suggests some steps for law firms to consider in order to adapt to a new working environment. To reiterate, numerous articles on the various legal implications arising from COVID-19 have been published in our eNewsletters which were circulated to our subscribers and then posted on our website. Additionally, our hard copy monthly publication is also circulated via the eNewsletter each month and then posted on our website. Please feel free to subscribe to our free e-Newsletter (offered “exclusively online”) to receive our monthly publication and regular updates on the latest legal trends and developments in Hong Kong and China. Please visit http://hk-lawyer.org.

Next, technology in the legal (or any) sector can be intimidating especially for those who have not yet embraced it. To be fair, legal technology has a wide spectrum and accordingly is a vague term. That said, rather than adopting the mentality that teaching an old dog new tricks is not possible, or perhaps that it would be time and cost inefficient to implement intelligent solutions, the more we familiarise ourselves with legal technology, the easier it becomes to make an informed decision. The ‘Practice Skills’ section accordingly explains the top three misconceptions about legal technology every lawyer ought to know. Next, speaking of misconceptions, the ‘Lawyers at Leisure’ features a lawyer playing darts and addresses some assumptions made of the sport.


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