Editor's Note March 2020

Fears over the effect and spread of coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, can have a serious economic impact and affect our health. From the Secretariat discusses the importance of continuing with a business as usual attitude whilst the President’s Message explains the implications and ramifications the virus may have on law firms and practitioners. Speaking of COVID-19, we have published several articles on the topic (for example in connection with employment law, the doctrine of frustration, intellectual property, maritime law, etc.) in our e-Newsletters which were circulated to our subscribers and then posted on our website. Please feel free to subscribe to our free e-Newsletter (offered “exclusively online”) to receive regular updates on the latest legal trends and developments in Hong Kong and China. Please visit http://hk-lawyer.org.

Next, apparently, we have all come across difficult people who have made us test our patience at work (if you have not, then hopefully you are not one of them). Besides being annoyed, it can be detrimental to our career and negatively affect our performance perhaps both at work and at home. The Practice Skills section shares techniques that can help us regulate our emotions when working with a ‘crazy’ person.

When it comes to cricket, anyone who has studied law or practices Tort (incidentally, the term is derived from the French word for ‘civil wrong’) law ought to recall the case Bolton v Stone [1951] AC 850 where the plaintiff was injured when she was struck by a cricket ball from the defendant’s cricket club. The case dealt with inter alia the magnitude of risk. The Lawyers at Leisure section finally features a lawyer who not only plays cricket but plays at a competitive level.



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