What do you do when an illegal immigrant
passes the bar exam?

This is the question facing Florida’s Supreme Court, which now has to consider the implications of issuing a law license to an undocumented immigrant and law school graduate who passed the Florida Bar exam, after disclosing he was in the United States illegally.

The court grilled lawyers in proceedings on the peculiar case early last month, Reuters reported. As 26-year-old Jose Manuel Godinez-Samperio of Mexico watched from the gallery, one judge accused the Florida Board of Bar Examiners of putting the state in an awkward situation.

"It seems very strange," Justice R. Fred Lewis said in chastising the attorney for the board on why it allowed Godinez-Samperio to take the bar exam in the first place if it was not prepared to admit him when he passed.

"You bring a person to the edge and you push him off the cliff ... I’m just at a loss as to how the board put the state in this kind of position."