Legal Trivia Quiz #51

The opening of the High Speed Railway Station in West Kowloon, has brought an enclave of Mainland Chinese jurisdiction to the Hong Kong. This month’s quiz therefore covers some of the special rules created for the station in West Kowloon as well as other enclaves or special cross-border arrangements around the world.

1. The tunnels between the Hong Kong border and West Kowloton Station are subject to the law of which jurisdiction?

A. Hong Kong

B. Mainland of China

C. Mainland of China during operation hours; Hong Kong law otherwise


2. The train compartments of trains coming from or travelling to Mainland China are subject to the law of which jurisdiciton?

A. Hong Kong

B. Mainland China

C. Mainland China for all travellers holding Mainland ID Cards; Hong Kong for all other travellers.


3. Historically, another part of Hong Kong was also an enclave subject to the laws of Mainland China. Where was this?

A. Sha Tau Kok village

B. Kowloon Walled City

C. Stonecutters Island

D. Tai O


4. When were border controls introduced between Hong Kong and Mainland of China?

A. 1842

B. 1898

C. 1928

D. 1951


5. Point Roberts is a pene-exclave of the United States of America in Washington State. What latitude in decimal degrees is it at?

A. 49 N

B. 48.99 N

C. 49.01 N


6. What is the current name of the Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea which borders Latvia and Poland?

A. St Petersburg

B. Leningrad

C. Konigsberg

D. Kalingrad


7. Which city in the United States has an terminal on the US side of the border that can be used to access an airport in Mexico?

A. El Paso

B. San Diego

C. Laredo

D. McAllen


8 Which sovereign state is an entirely encircled by Italy?

A. San Marino

B. Monaco

C. Vatican City

D. The Sovereign Order of Malta


9. Which country is entirely encircled by South Africa?

A. Botswana

B. Namibia

C. Sun City

D. Lesotho


10. Part of which city in Holland was temporarily made subject to Scottish law for the purposes of trying the Lockerbie bombers?

A. Rotterdam

B. Amsterdam

C. Utrecht

D. None

Contest Rules

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Winner of Legal Trivia #50:

Shane F. Weir, Consultant, Weir & Associates

Answers to Legal Trivia Quiz #50

1. D. The US Supreme Court was established in 1790.

2. B. The US Supreme Court first sat in New York City.

3. B. The US Supreme Court is located in Washington DC

4. True. The Supreme Court of the United States Police provides security for the court, its judges and visitors.

5. E. There are no legal qualifications to be appointed a judge of the US Supreme Court.

6. D. Judges of the US Supreme Court are appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

7. A. There is no minimum age requirement for appointment as a judge of the US Supreme Court.

8. D. There is no retirement age for any justice of the US Supreme Court.

9. B. Joseph Story was 32 when appointed to the US Supreme Court in 1812. He served from 33 years.

10. True. There is a representation of the prophet Mohammed in the US Supreme Court building as one of the world’s 18 greatest world’s lawgivers.