The University of Law Launches New Employability Workshops

In April 2021, The University of Law (ULaw) launched an exciting new suite of employability workshops and competitions.

The University has a reputation for being the professional university of choice for students of law and business delivering an outstanding academic and employment-focussed student experience.

The Hong Kong culture is one which trusts and respects the history and tradition of the UK. ULaw, with its longstanding reputation as the institution which has supported the development of solicitors and barristers for generations, is respected for its history.

Aruna Verma, Associate Professor and Programme Director says ‘We are excited to launch some new workshops in Hong Kong, as well as having guests speakers and workshops on a range of topics such as CV building and how to prepare for an interview. We are taking our support to the next stage by introducing workshops to prepare students to be excited not only about law and business but also gain essential skills such as writing and debating...’

ULaw is committed to developing the 2020s professional. During 2021, there will be a monthly opportunity to engage with experts from Hong Kong and London on a programme which is open to all those with ambitions to work in law, business or other professions.

All sessions will be online. There will be a variety of different themed events to share top tips and advice. There will also be competitions to test and develop a range of communication skills, with current professional practitioners acting as judges and local employers offering prizes.

One of the students who attended the pre programme session earlier this year and won a place on our Leadership Experience, Clara Ng, said the following about the programme so far: Having joined and experienced the tasks, I learnt that leadership is not only a skill about how to lead people, but also how to bring people together and involve them in the tasks. I learnt that working as a team is important as everyone has their own strengths”.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming events by visiting our website and feel free to contact us should you wish to find out more information.