Recent Publications


Professor Luke MARSH and Professor Mike McCONVILLE’s new book, The Myth of Judicial Independence: Criminal Justice and the Separation of Powers, has been published by the Oxford University Press. The book’s publication follows extensive research into the UK government’s archival vaults including official (previously classified) Home Office files. By tracking the relationship between senior judges and the Home Office from the end of the nineteenth century to the modern-day, revelations concerning the politics of the judiciary and the separation of powers are unearthed. Further details:​

In addition, the following CUHK LAW members’ articles have also recently been published:​

  • “Updates on Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering laws 2020” in the Journal of Money Laundering Control by Mr. Ian LEE and Mr. Foster YIM, CUHK LAW alumnus. Full article:​

  • “Legal System Effects and Global Legal Development” in the Notre Dame Journal of International & Comparative Law, Volume 10, Issue 2 (2020) by Professor David DONALD. Full article: ​​

  • “Reaching for Utopia, Geneva as Inspiration for Investment Disputes?” in Lewis et al (eds.), The Post WTO International Legal Order: Utopian, Dystopian and Other Scenarios (Berlin: Springer, 2020) by Professor Chin Leng LIM. Book chapter details:​

  • “Liability and Compensation for Marine Plastic Pollution: Conceptual Issues and Possible Ways Forward” in AJIL Unbound (Cambridge University Press) co-authored by Professor Benoit Mayer. Full article:​

  • “The Socialist Precedent” in Cornell International Law Journal, Volume 52, Number 3 by Professor Ngọc Sơn Bùi. Full article:​

  • “Enforcing Socioeconomic Rights in Neoliberal India” in Minnesota Journal of International Law, Volume 29, Issue 1 by Professor Rehan Abeyratne. Full article:​