Online Cross-Border Legal Issues Dialogue Seminars

The Cross-Border Legal Issues Dialogue Seminar Series at CUHK LAW provides a forum for practitioners, academics, the business community and the general public to engage in a dialogue on various issues arising from cross-border legal matters. On 8 May 2020, the first online seminar “The Effectiveness of Jurisdiction Clauses in Settling Hong Kong Forum Disputes” was delivered by Mr. Alan Gibb and attracted over 530 registrations. 

In his seminar, Mr. Gibb gave a comprehensive review of the ways Hong Kong courts analyse and apply jurisdiction clause in international commercial transactions. Given the significant impact jurisdiction clauses have on the result of international litigation, jurisdiction clauses are an important and challenging area of private international law to both academics and practitioners. Various aspects on jurisdiction clause were covered in the seminar, including the severability, interpretation of exclusiveness, drafting skills and the comparative advantages of exclusive and non-exclusive jurisdiction clauses.

Mr. Alan Gibb spoke on the effectiveness of jurisdiction clauses in settling Hong Kong forum disputes.

Professor Dicky Tsang chaired the Cross-Border Legal Issues Dialogue Seminar on 8 May 2020.

The next seminar “Jurisdiction and Forum Disputes in Family Proceedings” will be delivered by Mr. Eugene YIM on 5 June 2020. For details and registration, please visit​​