Hong Kong Legal History Quiz #8

In the spirit of Christmas, this month’s legal quiz is simpler than previous months. All readers need to do is to match names to faces of the judges, attorneys general and solicitor general shown below.

Contest Rules

The first reader who sends in all ten correct answers to cynthia.claytor@thomsonreuters.com will receive a bottle of Ch. La Croizille 2005 (as per the attached photo) from Global Vintage Wines Centre. The decision of Thomson Reuters is final and conclusive.


We would like to congratulate Cara Cheung, Legal Counsel, China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd, the winner of our Legal History Quiz #6.

Answers to the Legal History Quiz #7

1. C. Wally Yeung
2. C. 25 solicitors have been accredited as solicitor advocates. One, who was previously a barrister, has returned to the bar.
3. B. False. Samuel Gittins was elected twice before he became Queen’s Counsel.
4. C. Teo Soon Kim, was admitted by Chief Justice Joseph Kemp in 1932. The Attorney-General, Grenville Alabaster QC, in moving her admission said: “I have no doubt that her presence will be welcomed and there will be no moaning at the Bar.”
5. A. 13 out of 94 senior counsel are female. In fact only 13.8 percent.
6. D. Patricia Loseby was the first female to practice as a solicitor in Hong Kong and was admitted in 1948.
7. B. James Russell served as Puisne Judge for 5 years before being appointed Chief Justice.
8. A. Ng Choy, then known as Wu Tingfang.
9. C. John McNeill’s daughter, Jane, married John Scott, Earl of Dalkeith, on 10 January 1953 at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.
10. C. O’Malley acted for Edward Page an employee of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs defending him on a murder charge brought by the Crown Advocate in Canton.