Editor's Note August 2018

Beverley McLachlin has held a truly chequered career. She was the first woman to become the chief justice of Canada, and the longest-serving holder of that role. During her 37 years as a judge - and 28 years on the country’s highest court - she delivered scores of judgments touching on everything from the finer points of contract law, to criminal law, to constitutional issues. Throughout that period, she led the judiciary’s charge in effecting social change, defending the vulnerable, and protecting fundamental right. When she was nominated in March this year to sit on Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal, she was one of the first two women to be given that honour, a fitting way to cap a celebrated life. Our cover story delves deeper into her career, and looks at the challenges she overcame, and the influences that shape her.

Moving on, then, to our three feature articles, where we touch on a wide variety of topical subjects. In an article on China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA), the author looks at how the GBA initiative is directed at trade liberalization and removal of trade barriers between China and its trade partners, with Hong Kong emerging as a legal hub for international law protection of Chinese outbound investment. In another article, on the criminalisation of private wrongs, the authors argue for an application of anti-fraud provisions consistent with longstanding policy rationale of protecting market integrity. Finally, the article on the much-discussed QT case, in which the CFA ruled that the Immigration Department’s disparate treatment of same-sex and opposite-sex couples for purposes of its dependent visa policy constituted unlawful discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

In our Leisure Section, we speak to Desmond Cheung and his passion for dragon boat racing – which took him to championship-winning heights recently. And our Practice Skills section features looks at how the prevalence of technology is leading to a new kind of lawyer. We hope you enjoy this issue of the journal, and do not hesitate to contact me with your feedback.