Editorial Policy – Hong Kong Lawyer

  1. Hong Kong Lawyer

Hong Kong Lawyer is the official online journal of the Law Society of Hong Kong, published by Thomson Reuters. The readership includes Hong Kong solicitors, barristers, in-house lawyers, government legal officers, academics, and other interested parties. Currently, the journal receives approximately 60,000 hits per month.

The journal contains news, analysis and commentary relating to law, legal practice and legal business. Articles predominantly focus on Hong Kong, Greater China, and Asia. The bilingual journal publishes 12 times per annum.

The journal aims to provide material of practical value to readers, promote the Law Society of Hong Kong’s mission to support and protect the character, status and interests of solicitors in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Lawyer has an independent editorial board including representatives from various sectors of its readership. All submissions to the journal are subject to review by the editors and the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make all final decisions as to publication or otherwise of submissions and there is no obligation on the Editorial Board to provide reasons for its decisions to contributors.

  1. Note to Contributors

The journal welcomes unsolicited submissions. The journal aims to cover a wide spectrum of views, with priority given to matters affecting legal practitioners in Hong Kong. To be considered for publication, submissions should be:

  1. Original

Submissions to the journal must be original contributions and not under consideration or previously published by any other publication, online or print. Exceptions in special circumstances may be considered, however, it must be expressly communicated by the contributor if the submission has previously been published on any online or print platform or if it is under consideration for publication by any online or print platform. Otherwise, it is assumed that the submission has not previously been published and is not going to be published in whole, in part or in substance by any other publication. Any discovered instances of plagiarism may result in future submissions from that contributor being disregarded. Suspected cases of plagiarism by contributors who are members of the Law Society of Hong Kong may be reported to the Council of the Law Society.

  1. Accurate

Contributors should make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the content of their submission is accurate and correct. Submissions must be thoroughly researched. All primary and secondary sources should be checked by the contributor and properly cited.

  1. Objective

All analytical or review articles should endeavour to balance the available viewpoints. Explicit marketing or self-promotion of a particular company, organisation or individual within the body of the article is not permitted. Individual contributors and their company or organisation may be credited as an endnote.

  1. Relevant

Submissions should be of relevance, interest, or utility to a significant portion of the readership of the journal, or appropriate for publication considering the interests and concerns of the Hong Kong legal community as a whole.

  1. Topical

Submissions should be timely, whether for example covering new or prospective developments in the law and legal practice or addressing current affairs of relevance to the readership. Items of historical interest may also be considered.

  1. Style and format 
    1. Submissions should strive for clarity of expression. 
    2. There can only be a maximum of two authors attributed for any submission. 
    3. UK English is the default language of the publication. Plain English should be used where possible. 
    4. Gender-neutral language is encouraged. 
    5. Footnotes are not used in the journal. All necessary references should be contained in the body of the text. 
    6. Section headings may be used. These should be limited to two levels in the interests of readability. 
    7. Given the wide spectrum of readers, submissions in English are preferred. Submission of a Chinese translation in addition to the original text is welcome. 
    8. Submissions should be made by email with the proposed article attached in .doc or .rtf format. 
  2. Republication of submissions

Should authors wish to have their submission(s) republished in another publication, the following conditions need to be met:

  1. The submission(s) should first appear in the Hong Kong Lawyer 
  2. There should be a minimum of a seven-day gap between the submission being published in the Hong Kong Lawyer and its subsequent republication 
  3. The republished submission(s) must contain the following attribution: 

“This article first appeared in the [MONTH] [YEAR] issue of the Hong Kong Lawyer, the official journal of The Law Society of Hong Kong.”