Dedicated to Law Students

Numerous memorable movies and TV series build their plot around the work of lawyers. The dramatic arc is always about a dispute of some sort with lawyers arguing eloquently as litigators in court.

In real life, many lawyers do not ever argue cases in court. Some spend most of their time in the office, reading and writing, doing legal analysis and advisory work. A professional legal qualification opens up a diversified range of career options. The key is to choose the one that is most suitable taking into account personal interests and attributes as well as market demand and future prospects.

For law students, to enable themselves to make the right choice, it is essential to gain an accurate depiction of the legal industry and get to grips of what is happening in the legal profession. The sooner they can do it, the better.

This is where the Law Society comes in. Joining the Law Society as a Student Member is an excellent way to get to know more about the legal profession, meet potential employers and attend social events to connect with a wide mix of practitioners of all levels of seniority.

The Law Society is a mine of knowledge and information. Through our weekly Circulars, we provide members with information on updates on legal reforms, amendments to the legislation, rules and regulations relevant to legal practice, court judgments of importance to legal practitioners, international events of interest to lawyers, Law Society activities for members and professional announcements.

These Law Society weekly Circulars are a helpful resource for law students to keep themselves abreast of major developments within the legal profession. Further, all of our Circulars are posted and archived on the members’ zone of the Law Society website. A Student Member will have access to the members’ zone and hence, to the archive of Law Society Circulars which can be a convenient research tool.

Student Members are also entitled to participate in all Law Society functions. Activities that are of interest to Student Members range from training courses on substantive law and legal skills, to career talks and experience sharing by senior members of the profession, sports and recreational activities, social networking events as well as different kinds of community work aimed at bringing law closer to the general public.

The Law Society, established since 1907, has a long proud history of 112 years with over 10,000 solicitor members. Law students are strongly encouraged to become a Student Member and be part of this big family of legal professionals as early as possible. There is no reason and no need to wait until after qualification as a solicitor. Once a Student Member, you will be instantly connected with a diverse membership who share similar academic background and encounter familiar work problems. It is that feeling of so much in common and yet so different that makes the interaction unique.

Student Membership is from January to December. To keep our records updated, renewal of membership is required annually. No matter whether you are joining us for the first time or renewing old memberships, now is a good time to do it and the best part is that the student membership fee has been waived for 2019.

Further, all Student Members are entitled to open a Law Society email account. This facility is free of charge and can be used as the channel of communication with the Law Society for weekly Circulars, survey questionnaire and consultation documents etc. With this channel of communication, information that is directly relevant to law students, for example, the Code of Good Practice in the Recruitment of Trainee Solicitors, can be sent to Student Members’ email accounts. Opening a Law Society email account is simple and quick. One can click into “Register for an account” on the top right hand corner of the homepage of the Law Society website, complete some basic personal information and set a user name. A password will then be generated for the account user.

Please procrastinate no more, join the Law Society network now, get involved in the legal professional circles, volunteer in our outreach initiatives and interact with experienced mentors. Application forms are available on the Law Society website.


Secretary-General, Law Society of Hong Kong