Consultation Paper on the Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

In April 2018, the Civil Aviation Department (“CAD”) released a consultation paper (“Consultation Paper”) on the regulation of unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), commonly known as “drones’, for public views. This consultation followed a consultancy report that the CAD commissioned in March 2017 for a study on the regulation of UAS.

In the consultancy report, the Consultant engaged by the CAD identified 6 key recommendations on the regulation of UAS. These recommendations related to the following:

  • Establishment of an UAS Owner Registration
  • Risk-based Classification and Regulation of UAS Operations
  • Training and Assessment Requirements
  • Drone Maps for UAS Operators
  • Prescribing Insurance Requirements for UAS
  • Indoor Operations of UAS

The CAD posed a number of consultation questions in the Consultation Paper. With the assistance of the Transportation and Logistics Committee, the Council reviewed the Consultation Paper. It welcomed the Consultation. In light of the fast growing use of UAS both privately and (in particular) commercially, the Law Society of Hong Kong asked that any regulatory regime to be proposed and the legislation that underscored the regime should facilitate and not hinder the development of UAS.

The Law Society’s detailed comments are available at