Ceremonial Opening of Legal Year 2020 in Hong Kong

The Ceremonial Opening of Legal Year 2020 (“OLY”) was held on 13 January. Representatives from around 60 law associations in 18 jurisdictions gathered in Hong Kong to experience and witness this solemn ceremony. Apart from attending the OLY ceremony at City Hall, the overseas delegates were invited to participate in a number of activities.

Jointly organised with the Hong Kong Bar Association (“HKBA”) for the overseas guests were the Presidents’ Roundtable and the Leadership Insight Session. The theme of the Presidents’ Roundtable was “Sailing through Challenging Times”. Participants exchanged ideas on what bar associations and law societies could do to lead their members to play their part in defending the rule of law and how they could engage with relevant stakeholders to enhance the impact of the work in promoting the fair administration of justice. At the Leadership Insights Session, we were honoured to have Mr Paul Chan, Financial Secretary, to be our keynote speaker to share his insights on the theme of Opportunities for Hong Kong and Hong Kong’s Role in the Greater Bay Area.

The speech made by the President of the Law Society at the OLY ceremony has been posted on the Law Society website.

It was an honour for the Law Society to have assisted the Judiciary in coordinating the participation of all overseas, PRC, Taiwan legal leaders and representatives on this occasion. We would like to further express our appreciation to the Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng who attended the dinner reception.

Meetings with representatives of several overseas lawyers associations, including American Bar Association, Tokyo Bar Association, Sabah Law Society, Bar Association of Serbia and Paris Bar were conducted on 14 January to discuss opportunities for future collaborations.

President Melissa Pang spoke at the Ceremonial Opening of Legal Year 2020.

Over 50 delegates from different jurisdictions attended the Presidents’ Roundtable.

 Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of HKSAR delivered opening remarks to delegates at the Leadership Insights Session.

Panel speakers and delegates shared their insights the theme of Opportunities for Hong Kong and Hong Kong’s Role in the Greater Bay Area.