“Non-Fungible Tokens and Digital Art: What Are They and What do You Get if You Buy One?” (6 October 2021)

In March 2021, a non-fungible token (NFT) based upon the artist Beeple’s “purely digital work” entitled, “Everydays – The First Five Thousand Days”, sold at Christie’s auction for USD 69.3 million. The media reported the buyer used a cryptocurrency for the purchase, from his digital wallet and, rather than display it on a wall, will store the NFT in a compatible digital asset wallet on “a” blockchain, although it is already part of a blockchain. This Property Law Seminar to be delivered by CUHK LAW Professor Steven GALLAGHER will consider what digital art, blockchain and NFTs are, what property you buy for $69 million, and some of the property issues that may arise.

Details and registration: https://bit.ly/3h9gAvM