Susan Letterman White, JD, MS

Susan Letterman White, JD, MS works with lawyers and law firms to improve leadership, organizational and team performance, and marketing and business development, through strategy planning, training, group facilitation, and executive coaching. She is a Practice Advisor at Massachusetts LCL/LOMAP, an adjunct professor at Northeastern

University, where she teaches leadership, strategic change, and communication skills, and the principal consultant at Letterman White Consulting. Susan practiced employment law for more than 20 years and was the managing partner of a law firm. She received a Master’s in Organization Development with Academic Distinction from American University, a JD from Loyola Law School, and a BA in Philosophy from Brandeis University.

“I just saw an ad and applied to the position but didn’t get the job and I’m not sure I even wanted it.” (Career Paths) “Our managing partner, office manager, and one of our largest rainmakers...
13 February 2020
The lawyer-client relationship is a partnership. The lawyer uses legal skills to help a client solve problems and the client cooperates by providing vital information and making decisions about the...
12 March 2019
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