Sarah Jane Tasteyre

Registered Foreign Lawyer, JC Legal

Sarah Jane Tasteyre was qualified in France in 2003 and has been advising French nationals based in Hong Kong since 2015. She specialises in international family law, succession and cross-border probate. With her global vision of family law, she regularly works with family lawyers in Hong Kong and France, advising private clients on cross-border matrimonial issues and estate planning.

Throughout her professional career as in-house counsel and in private practice, Sarah Jane has developed an expertise in inheritance law, legacies and family law. Her extensive work experience in Hong Kong has brought her a good understanding of common law.

The increasing number of French couples settling down in Hong Kong with children or having children in Hong Kong has led us many times in the past to deal with the issue of legal guardianship and how...
2 April 2020
When dealing with a cross-border probate case, it is important to understand what the foreign law involved provides. This is the reason why, with the increasing number of probate cases involving...
20 March 2020
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