Peter Reading

Senior Legal Counsel, Equal Opportunities Commission, Hong Kong

Peter is an international human rights lawyer who has [been] working in the eld of human law and advocacy for 20 years in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Commonwealth countries, and most recently in Hong Kong China. Since November 2012, Peter has been working at the Equal Opportunities Commission(EOC) where he has been leading a number of legal advocacy projects, including the EOC’s Discrimination Law Review to modernise all the existing discrimination legislation in Hong Kong relating to sex, disability, race and family status. Previously for 11 years Peter worked in the United Kingdom in a number of human rights roles at Amnesty International UK; the Commission for Racial Equality; as Director of Legal Policy at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and as a human rights consultant to the Commonwealth.

Recently, the world mourned the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the former Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, global champion of equality, and icon of women’s rights. Her legacy of…
November 2020