Peter Gregoire

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited, General Counsel

Mr. Gregoire is the General Counsel of AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited, responsible for all legal, regulatory and corporate governance issues at the company. He double-hats as commercial lines legal counsel for AIG across the APAC region. Mr. Gregoire is also an Honorary Lecturer at Hong Kong University where he serves as a part-time tutor for the Commercial Dispute Resolution Elective on the PCLL course. In his spare time, he writes fiction and has published two novels. 

The ability to resolve the full range of life’s diverse disputes by applying legal principles which have emerged over time through case precedent, is the elegant beauty of the common law. Yet it is a...
18 July 2019
A change has occurred in Hong Kong’s insurance regulatory regime. On 26 June 2017, the new Insurance Authority formally took over from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance as the industry’s...
15 September 2017
The UK Insurance Act 2015 (the “UK Act”), which comes into force in the United Kingdom in August 2016, represents the most fundamental change to English insurance law for more than a century. As...
10 June 2016
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